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About Us

Kentwood Brick: The Best Indeed!

Kentwood Brick is a family-owned business established in 1967 in Kentwood, Louisiana. Since our startup we have maintained the same excellent customer service and personable attitude that keeps our customers coming back.

Thanks to the quality and beauty of our bricks, and the loyalty of our customers, our productivity has increased exponentially through the years. Today Kentwood Brick is the largest brick manufacturer in the state of Louisiana and one of the top producers in the Southern United States, with production levels fast approaching 50 million bricks a year. We have also expanded our reach - today we have a nationwide distributing network with hundreds of authorized representative locations.

Even though our focus is on residential brick sales, builders from all over the nation seek our commercial bricks in queen and king sizes due to its rugged and long-lasting qualities.

Our commitment to quality is the key to our success: all of our bricks are carefully designed and meet ASTM severe weather guidelines. We have strict quality control processes in place to make sure that our bricks meet or exceed the highest standards of beauty, color intensity, and durability.