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Kentwood Brick & Tile Testimonials

"My wife and I had been looking into different types of bricks for our fireplace, as well as the exterior of our home. Kentwood Bricks is well-known to be the largest producer of bricks in Louisiana, so, naturally, we headed to their showroom. On the way to Kentwood Bricks showroom, we saw a nice-looking neighborhood bar that had the best looking bricks wed ever seen. Upon meeting with a representative at Kentwood Bricks, not only did they know exactly the establishment we were speaking of, but they had also sold the bricks to them! Our brick of choice was San Juan Queen. We are so pleased with the way our home looks, and the entire Kentwood Bricks staff is great: friendly, helpful Good to deal with! We would absolutely do business again."

David Alexander Gwen Homeowner
Ponchatoula, LA

"In 1990, we used bricks from Kentwood Brick in our home. We were so pleased with the look and quality of the bricks that we decided to give them a call again this year, to use their products in the construction of our brand new home. When we called, not only was Kentwood Brick still in business, but they were doing great. And much to our surprise, we were able to get help from the same salesman who helped us over 20 years ago! Our brick of choice is Cedar Bayou. Kentwoods prices were very competitive we didnt have to think twice about using Kentwood Brick again. I like my bricks. We hope to continue to do business with Kentwood Brick."

Sheila Fortenberry Homeowner
Mount Hermon, LA

"We wanted to add a third garage and the citys building code stipulated that we had to have a brick facade. Our property had a discontinued brick color and we wanted to match the new garage to the bricks we already had. Kentwood Brick had just the right bricks we needed, which happened to be called Kentwood Brick! Were happy to have found the bricks to match our property."

Tresa Weaver Homeowner
Cleburne, TX

"We wanted red bricks for our new home. We found nice-looking bricks at Kentwood Brick. The design of the brick arches came out very nice we are pleased. We will possibly use Kentwood Bricks in our other properties. We are hopeful that these beautiful bricks will last a really long time."

Bernadete Nguyen Homeowner
Amite, LA